A Writer’s Journey

Years ago, when I was a young writer working for a daily newspaper, I learned an important lesson that’s stayed with me throughout my career. My first feature assignment was to interview the director of a drum and bugle corp~possibly the most boring subject I could imagine! But my editor told me, “Look. One day you’ll discover that everyone has a good story inside them, if you listen carefully and ask the right questions. Try it. You’ll see what I mean.”

So off I went. To my surprise, I found that this was an interesting man. I actually enjoyed interviewing my subject.  And as I recall, the article turned out pretty well, too.  That single experience fueled my love of finding the story and telling it in a way that will engage, entertain and even transport my reader.  

Today, I write about subjects I’m passionate about in life: architecture and design, gardens and plants, food and wine, travel and lifestyle. In the process, I have the privilege of visiting beautiful places and meeting all sorts of people who are doing creative and inspiring things with their lives. It seems my best work always comes from curiosity and great conversations. Nadine Gordimer is a South African writer, political activist and Nobel laureate. I recently read an interview in which she said, ”Writing is a discovery.” My sentiments exactly. I find myself asking,“….and then what happened?” You just never know what’s waiting around the corner.